Tomorrow is a HIGH HEELS day


Ok, so today wasn´t a normal Monday...
First of all, I tried to have a lie in this morning, but woke up at 8am, bright and awake.
The sun was shining, so I went out for a run.

Actually, my legs felt fine, but my breathing was heavy...

Had lunch at my favourite lunch place Picadeli. Enough food to last a Monday full of training.
Worked out with my PT at 15.45

and taught Spinning+kettlebell straight after. Just enough time to go home, pick up my yoga mat and leave for Hagabadet, where I subbed JoJo´s evening yoga.

All in all, a day of training and training gear. Tomorrow needs to be a day of glamour to make some kind of balance... High heels, ahoy! :)

By the way, got an email from our lovely, lovely Jo today. She has it sorted for my visit in London and I think I´ll be doing both Pilates, dance, shopping and a hell of a lot of fika in the big city when I arrive! YES. Just a weekend in my taste!


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