Crouching mother, hidden danger

Robin, 1 week today...


5 sun salutations ("mama"-adjusted), some slow, deep ujjayi-breathing coupled with 2-3 more poses and my body feels almost alive again.
The breast feeding is doing my body in. I´m not sure I have ever felt this stiff in so many weird places. Since I cannot sit properly (don´t ask) and especially not for long periods of time-but I do anyway, since I´ve got a son that needs minimum 1h at a time(!) when feeding-I end up with a broken body after each breast feeding session... Yoga (and P´s treatments) will keep my body from falling apart during the next few weeks.

Reflections of the day:

1) Sanitary towels should be free of charge for all new mothers.
2) Yes. Pelvic floor exercises... NOW I get the point.
3) Breast feeding nazis. They are everywhere. They should get a grip of themselves. If they were a religion they would be orthodox-something-something, following the script by the book word by word. I breast feed, (did the propaganda get to me?) but I am also brought up on infant formula myself and I turned out quite alright (most of the time).



susanita said...

ha,ha,ha, underbara betraktelser! De lyste upp min dag, då jag är extremt lättirriterad, molvärk och högt blodtryck med ordination vila är inte min grej. =)
Men Pyret mår bra, hon sparkar o bökar som vanligt, inga tendensser till att vilja vidga sina vyer.

Men, Robin, vilken prins. Söt som socker!!!

mojo said...

Åh, Sus, snart är det dags!
SPÄNNANDE!!! Tänk när hon ligger där på ditt bröst, varm och nyförlöst... :) FÖRSTÅR verkligen din frustration vid det här laget...
Tänker på er!

Mo & Robin