I Suck....

... I know!!!

How do people do it?
BLOGG when they're away?!

1. I don't open my computer because
2. There's soo much going on and when you end the day you try to get SOME sleep
3. I haven't figured out how to blogg from my Iphone, that sucks!!

Anyhow - MO, What a trouper!!! Giving birth to a kid + blogging.
Guess my excuses are quiet lame in comparison to that!

So I'm in Amsterdam at the NIKE head office here. AMAZING place, feel like I'm in college again in Santa Monica, CA hahah.
They even have their own Starbucks (would you work here Krull:)

After the AMAZING Yogic Midsummers Dream in South of Skåne I flew straight to Amsterdam to work with the NIKE WOMEN Fall 09 concepts.

And let me tell you - IT IS EXCITING!!!
I have been training hard the last couple of days and it will all be available to you in SEPTEMBER :) Yeahh! Clothes, concepts, classes all ROCKS!

Prepare to have a BLASTING second half of the year!

I have one more day here in Amsterdam so I'm gonna spend it in the best way possible.
Dinner toninght with a lovelly canadian (or so I think, an expert in the Shoe area, and hopefully he knows a thing or two about Amsterdam :) and tomorow sightseeing and FIKA with long lost friends.

Back in Sweden friday morning

Perhaps I'm a PLASTMOSTER then...... crossing my fingers that I get to see putte då!!


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