Knock myself down so I can get up!

In situations where things get tough I tell myself: This is what you been trained for! As I put on my RAY BAN PILOT glasses (in my mind:)

Today wasn't such a day but it came pretty close!

You know how sometimes when you actually have less to do you get less done!
You follow me?
You have 3 e-mails that you need to answer and perhaps the laundry but still by the end of the day you haven't completed your tasks...
Well it happens to me. The more things I have on my TO-DO list the more efficient I get and vice versa.

BUT - Today I choose to change that :) Or well, I fooled myself hihi
I took EVERYTHING that I needed to do (like the smallest stuff... take a shower for example) and wrote a long list. That way my mind turned into effective/speed/let's get things done mode and I actually completed about 86% of the list JIHAA

(That's an efficiency increase of about 500%!!)

What do you know :) I fooled myself, sucker YES!

Inspiration in Amsterdam at NIKE from Chris Angel - Great Coach!!

Of to Stockholm in the morning (6am...) to do some exciting work with NIKE. I designed a full body OUTDOOR workout that we are shooting tomorrow. And not claiming to be SUPERWOMAN but it actually ROCKS! Tried it today and it was so much fun + short + effective!

It will be yours in SEPTEMBER!

Left on my list this week is:
  • Work in Sthlm
  • Happy Birthday Party in Halmstad
  • Axwell AfterBeach in Båstad
  • All night Dancing (for at least 48h) in Båstad
  • Chilling with my DOG in Skåne
  • Packing for exciting tripp to LONDON
Did I miss anything?

Let's Rock n Roll Guys ;)



Helena said...

Älskar visualiseringen av pilotbrillorna...den stjäl jag rakt av här och nu! :) Tack!

Cizzi said...

Åh! Jag älskar utomhusträning =) Kör med en grupp varje måndag, så länge det inte regnar.

Jo said...

Helena - All yours!! Vetskapen att det finns en till självutvald superhjälte där ute makes me smile :)

Cizzi - Eller hur - bästa träningen börjar jag nu förstå! Du kommer ÄLSKA NIKE Tourens Dynamic Training!!
Ses kanske då?!