Mama said


This mama thing is fascinating.
I am extremely grateful that P is here to share the parenting with me 24/7 - I cannot even begin to think what it what it would be like trying to do this on my own. It´s exciting, daunting, emotional and scary becoming a mother. Probably the biggest CHALLENGE of my life, since it is ongoing and never ending...
The days are flying past and I had no idea that breastfeeding, changing nappies, etc makes time warp into a black hole.

6 days since he was born and I still have moments where I´m like: "Help! There´s a toddler in my house! What am I supposed to do with him? How will I know that I´m doing the right thing???"

Yet, at the same time. How difficult can it be? If it was, the human race would be extinct a long, long time ago.

Ps. GO JO! We are so proud of you, Robin and I. Go conquer and tell us all about it when you get back home, girlfriend. Love you.



Helena said...

Skönt att han äntligen är här nu! No more graviditet (för den här gången...) - jippi! :D

mojo said...

Underbart är det! (och ingen mer gång blir det!) :)

Ses snart,