Pants.... (som tusan oxå på brittiska:)

... MO!

I wanted to sell the first pics of Robin to People's Magazine.... what are my chances of getting rich now?!


Meet my, what is he to me? Nephew? I suck at these family tradition things. I can't even tell which one comes first Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?!

Anyhow - I meet the GOLDEN CHILD today and it still feels so unreal. I mean there are flowers out there older than him. And like his father said: - I've been wearing the same T-shirt longer!
He is so tiny, but still takes people's breath away! AMAZING :)

I am preparing for a PR trip to Sthlm - the last job before ONE WEEK VACATION (without any official yoga/sport). This week will be focusing on family, friends and PARTY :)

Jihaaa Bring it on

La la love jo

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