Where should I start?
I felt fine until lunchtime yesterday. My left breast was sore, hot and swollen and it hurt whilst breastfeeding on it, but my intention was to get out on a short family walk and get a few errands done. Turns out my body wanted something else. Early afternoon I went down shivering and shaking with a fever, immense joint pain and exhaustion.
Mastitis (mjölkstockning
I was under 2 down duvets with my fleece robe on - still shaking. I hardly had any energy to go to the bathroom. P put me on huge amounts of pomegranate, cranberries+various vitamins, I also took hot, hot, hot showers and used the hairdryer on my breasts (thanks for that tip S.B!), continued to breastfeed (just short of crying) - I did EVERYTHING I could to get rid of the mastitis, because I knew that the alternative would be antibiotics and I really wanted to avoid that. I told myself to ride the night out and if the fever wasn´t gone by the morning, I would have to go and see a doctor.

When I woke up this morning the fever was gone. My breast was still a bit swollen and sore, but MUCH better than the day before.
I even got out for that short walk. Which was a kinda bizarre experience. When suffering from various breastfeeding conditions, the last thing you want is your breasts to get cold. And trust me, they get cold really easily. This meant that for my walk today, I was wearing: a scarf, a cotton vest, a jumper AND a down-vest body warmer - in 25 degrees celsius!

What I bought? 3 cardigans. To keep my breasts warm. I didn´t even own one cardigan before, since I´ve always thought that they (cardigans) are a waste of good wardrobe space. I mean, where is the sparkle and glamour in a cardigan?!

Please slap me HARD if I start mentioning "walking friendly" shoes, such as loafers, Birkenstocks, etc...



Anonymous said...

Hej Monika!
Grattis till din lilla prins!
Läste om din mjölkstockning och har lite tips som funkat för mig. Kyla är verkligen boven i dramat. På Apoteket finns det inlägg till BH:n som håler värmen topp, Köp såna. Sen finns det en Homeopatisk medicin som heter Bryonia som är indikerad när man åker på mastit vid kyla. Finns på DCG Homeopaticas Apotek. Vete värmare är också topp. Sedan när det sitter en mjölkgång så lägg lillgubben på sängen och låt honom suga så att hakan är riktad mot den gång eller sida som är kloggad. Kram Anna P

mojo said...

Tusen tack för tipsen! Bryonia hade jag aldrig hört talas om förut, -inläggen står på inköpslistan och hakriktningen hade jag läst om, men inte hört av någon att det funkar, men nu ska jag prova!

Varma kramar