A Strong Comeback


I made a second comeback today.
Day 2 fever free. Feeling stronger.
Bring on the high heels and one of the 3 cardigans(!), with boob warmers (looking like satellite dishes!) from Apoteket underneath (which meant I could finally ditch the down vest).

Robin had his first appointment at BVC-he has put on quite some weight-great!- and now sports 4.2kg.

Comeback mum out on the town...



Anonymous said...

you look great Monika! Congratulations again and a big kiss for Robin. you should write a book, seriously! :-)
Wishing you all the best and good health and warm boobs, hehe. looking forward to read/see more from you!
Big hug from Fribourg

mojo said...

thank you so much!
A big kiss has been planted on Robin´s lips.
I hope to get the chance to see you soon!

Lots of love