Did you know that you could BLOCK your IPhone!!
I mean - when it got stolen - I gave them 24hours to return it, sending them (me) texts saying:

Plz - I really really really need my Iphone and all the info that's on it. I will give you a GRAND reward if you return it. If you don't - I WILL....

and so on...

After 24 hours I blocked the SIM card - for the first time ever TELIA was FAB and within 2min I had a new sim card for FREE :)

Yesterday I went to the store to sorte things out - and guesse what, the qt guy KILLED my SHAKTI IPhone just like that, from his computer!

I am not a person containing a lot of EVIL or ANGER but I did find myself smiling like a miniature devil thinking SOO LONG SUUUCKERS :))))

Revenge can be sweet


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K said...


I am so sorry you lost your phone. So frustrating. Did you have it connected to your computer? The info should be saved there as the systems are working together with your entire memory. You probably know all of this but I just wanted to make sure.

Life goes on.
Lots of happy love!