And the fact is that I don't bruise easily ... under any circumstances, but this gotta stop.

Just landed in the couch that sits in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a dog, two cats and fields, fields, fields. A big contrast to the last 4,5 days - but that's how I like it. Either you do it or you don't! I don't swim in lukewarm water, it just doesn't appeal to me.

I've learned a lot the last couple of days (unfortunately I seem to have forgotten most of it already, but I'll try to share some of it):

  • Partying is like playing Golf - If you think that you're gonna lose something - you will! (Like golf - if you focus on the bunker that's where she'll land!). Last year I didn't loose anything during the 4 days of rosé and I was AMAZED! This year (note that I am 1 year older (read Wiser)), I thought - I'll leave my bag and creditcards and just go with cash + IPhone cause I might misplace it. And WHAT happened? This year I lost my IPhone, all Cash and MY SHOES.....
  • You DO get used to things FAST - Loosing my IPhone was the hardest one to get over (I don't care about the things you can BUY back, but this contained my LIFE - contacts, playlists, photos, notes, classes, films, memories! Still I wouldn't take it as far as Caroline Winberg; Quote - What can't you live without? - My Blackberry and Friends!!!! Eh?! I'm still standing, human beings adopt easilly - that's why we still rule the planet, even after all this time fucking up!
  • BÅSTAD Tennis Veckan vs LANDSKRONA Karnevalen - Wen't from one extreme to the other. But you know what - it's still the same. People screaming - Du du du du du duuuu du (white stripes) and walking in randome circles.
  • Being CHEAP won't get you anywhere - Argued with the taxi driver at 3.30am in Båstad, determined to pay 80sek and NOT 100sek!!! Telling him that I would NEVER EVER go with him for that amount - 30sec later the sky opened up, he burned his rubber and I stod there like a wet cat...
  • Doing YOGA; on the bar, in the harbour, on the boat in HIGH HIGH Heels is apparently MY thing - hmm does that explain the bruises? - Anyhow it DOES mean that I DO LOVE MY JOB :) Since I keep on doing it 24/7 inside/out, upside/down!

Till next time...



mojo said...

glad att du håller partyställningarna i södra Sverige, medan jag springer mellan blöjbyten och amningsrundor!!! :D
Men du, iPhonen...? Like we talked about in Franska Bageriet för några veckor sen...du vet, backup och grejer...hmmmmmm....

Vi saknar dig här hemma!
Muchos Love
Mo & Robin

Jenny said...

Haha, det låter som om du haft några riktigt roliga dagar... :)

Jag undrar om du håller i Balanceutbildningar också eller om du enbart instruerar? Jag ska nämligen gå utbildningen som går i Stockholm i september men inte fått klartecken vem som ska hålla i den. Kan det finnas någon chans att det är du? Vore så fantastiskt roligt...

Hoppas blåmärkena försvinner snart. Njut av sommaren.


Jo said...

Hej Jenny!

Ja det var en fantastiskt skön semestervecka - (Normalt så brukar jag ju göra yoga, yoga o mer yoga på mina semestrar, så skönt med en kontrast :)

Åh vad kul att du ska gå BB - Älskar det programmet. Ja, jag håller grund utb men hinner tyvärr inte så ofta, försöker köra 2 om året. Tyvärr är det inte jag i Sep! Men du kommer få 3 grymma dagar :)