Well it isn't the weather thats HOT here but pretty much everything else :)

Such as the YOGA - Today it was HOTTER than ever, isn't that weird how it can feel so different from day to day - when you know for sure that the temperature is the SAME! ... Hmm? 

It's ALL in your mind, isn't it:?


Right now it looks like I'm about to buy 3 pair of shoes (and they're not even on sale...)
+ some other very very important stuff!

I am not a shopaholic, far from it!

I function like this; Most of the time I'm in a studio or out somewhere training\working, so I am not exposed to the stores - if I buy a magazine it is most likely a training\fitness\art\science magazine! BUT the times that I DO go enter the stores I totally fall in LOVE and realize that GOSH I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS ... bla bla bla

I guess the phrase - What you don't know won't hurt you applies perfectly well to me :)

So tomorrow the plan is: 
  • Brunch at the Electric
  • Shopping at Selfridges, Liberty, Shu Uemura, Khiels
  • Bikram Class
  • Dirty Dancing - The Musical
  • Dinner and Drinks 

Wohoo - I Work Hard but I do Play Hard to :)

Because you're worth it ;)

Love Jo

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