Love of my life... in my life?

Pros and Cons of having a gorgeous best male friend:

  • You look GOOD together
  • He knows you better than you know yourself 
  • You can sing strolling down the streets
  • You can go to bed together and wake up as happy or happier
  • He can give you GREAT advise on what to wear when and how
  • You can talk in swedish to each-other out loud in the class about what you like/not like and NO one else understands
  • You can share FAB breakfast/lunch/dinner over and over and over and still enjoy it
  • He can FLY you
  • You can borrow his big comfy T-shirts and jackets
  • You can talk to him about all those qt, stupid, hot guys that you are dating/wanting to date/thinking about dating

  • Other people (read HOT Guys) don't dare to flirt or talk to you cause they think that gorgeous man is YOUR MAN MAN...........................

What do you think? 

Keep him or ditch him:?



jenny said...

keep the lovely MANnimo(?)!! puss och kram jenny

Helena said...

KEEP!!! ;)

Julia said...


Marit said...

Babe, if You don't fall for him, then definitely keep him!! :)

Been there, done that.. Though, fell fell fell.. :D

What's coming next.. well.. honestly.. NO idea..

Lots of hugs and kisses!!!! :)
And see You soon soon soon already!! ;)



M said...


Don't ditch him for someone you don't know!! Friends are sometimes way stronger than boyfriends!

And guys who don't dare approaching you when you're with him are just cowards (and sorry to say: swedish)

Keep keep keep and enjoy the time with him!!! He might even bring you to the love of your life, you never know!



Anonymous said...

Tänk vilket problem han måste ha, när alla tror att du är hans grymma girlfriend! =)

Jo said...

Thanks for all your great advice!
Right now the VOTE is to KEEP if I've counted correctly ;)