Wow really!
It's only our second day but I/We are EXHAUSTED hahha

Probably cause we have so much fun together and we are learning SO MANY NEW things / cool, uber exciting stuff that I can't wait to share with you! 

But for now I have to experiment with it more myself, play with it, get to know it and master it. And THEN loved ones - I'll bring it TO YOU :)

My Hamstrings are LONG and talking to me, my ass is 10cm higher up and my shoulders could carry the world / and it's still just the 2nd day ...

Our teacher's motto: DIE AND CONTINUE!!!

Apart from playing inside a studio all day I've also managed to eat lovely Lebanese food, see BRUNO :) do a Bikram Yoga class and shop at NIKE town!

Life in London is GOOD - 8 more days to play with


Love Jo


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to come over to London to play woth you and M. Take care and have fun!
Love, Roberto

Anonymous said...

Kan inte vänta tills vi får smaka på dina nya insikter hemma i Gbg!
Är fortfarande lycklig efter den härliga Skånehelgen =)
Njut av de resterande 8 dagarna.
Kram Camilla (yogini)

jo said...

Rob - We are preparing for your arrival :)

Camilla - Hur mar magen:?

Ojoj vilken fantastisk host det kommer att bli - pa alla satt o vis :)