Mum´s the word


What is life with a baby like after 2 weeks and 3 days? The best way to sum it up: sleep deprivation and unconditional love...

Yesterday I got 40min to myself in the early evening, grabbing a powerwalk in the woods. The feeling was bliss, although I did miss my little family whilst out.

With just over 2 weeks until we are moving apartments there are some "busy" weeks ahead. A quite different challenge moving house with a 1 month old baby in the house.

It´s still amusing/unbelievable/wonderful/unimaginable/fantastic to be able to say that I am somebody´s mum. I wonder how long it will take until it has sunk in properly?



Jennie said...

Tänk sedan när dom kryper upp i knät och säger "jag älskar dej, mamma". Att vara mamma är det bästa!
Många kramar

mojo said...

Åhhh, den dagen kommer att bli något att minnas!!!
Jennie, jag hoppas att du har en fin sommar. När ses vi? Börjar du skolan i augusti/september?

Varma kramar