erhmm ... bullshit... erhmm

I am so so sorry, but I don't care if you train Madonna and Gwyneth and the rest but I don't buy it!

Fortunately I'm of to London in a couple of hours to train with the man who REALLY transformed Madonna's body! And HE is AMAZING. I am so grateful to be able to take part of his knowledge. Been training and working with him before and each time I've been amazed over how light and spacious I feel after our workouts!

If your lucky you might be able to try his method in Gothenburg sometime soon ;)

Of to LONDON Darlings

La la LOVE Jo


jockeRKC said...

The world is full of BS i know ;) just look at the Kettlebell jokers ;)

www.beyoga.org said...

omg, my friend used to work for this woman in la... needless to say, she wasn't so into it.