Killing you softly


I went to the gym yesterday afternoon. Did a short, but effective session. Met a couple of my clients on the way out. They were lovely and asked about the birth and Robin. They were very happy to see that I had recovered well.

When I got to the door, I bumped into a man who goes to my spinning classes now and again. He said hello and asked how I was. I told him life was great and that I became a mother 3 weeks ago.

He looked mortified and said: "Oh. I hope you are not over-taxing yourself now! Be careful, it can be very dangerous!...." Me: "Don´t worry, I know my body very well and I´m not pushing myself. It´s actually good for the body to move a bit if possible..." Him, interrupting: "Well, you know, maybe I shouldn´t say, but you know, you should be taking it easy and rest and..." Me, now interrupting him (and note: said with a SMILE, which took a bit of an effort...): "You know, if all women had done nothing but sitting still after given birth, mankind would have been eaten by lions and bears a long time ago...got to go! Have a nice evening! Bye bye now!"



susanita said...

You rule!
Helt underbar kommentar!
Varför ska folk lägga sig i vad/när/hur man tränar/äter?
Nää, kör på, tycker du gör helt rätt och som sagt, du känner dig bäst själv.
Nu ska jag o lilla Judith ta en tur med vagnen. Om nu inte regnmolnen hinner för oss ut ;D

mojo said...

Hahahaha, tack Sus!
Ja, det är helt fascinerande vad folk tycker att det är okej att säga gällande gravid- och mammarollen...
Hoppas att ni hade en fin promenad,
massa kramar och pussar till Judith,


Elisabettaxxx said...

Great Monika!..kisses to u but specially to Robin...Elisabettaxxx