Night owl


After another tough evening with an inconsolable Robin between 20.00-00.30, P and I stayed up until 2.30am packing boxes and putting away the kitchen & bathroom.
Lucky for us, the rest of the night was calm and Robin both ate and slept well (as he normally does, its the beginning of the night that´s difficult).
Funny though, when you wake up for the morning feed and watch his pretty little (well, quite round now, actually) face and look into his dark, beautiful eyes all worries are washed away...

Our move doesn´t happen until Tuesday - it should have happened tomorrow, its a long story - but we only stay in the apartment until Monday (a separate story). Tomorrow the new tenant is moving in his things into our old living room, whilst our stuff will be stored in the old bedroom (stuff from 120sqm cramped into 40sqm...).
I hate moving. Meaning, I hate the preparation, the actual move and the unpacking of boxes in the new place. It really stresses me out. Few things do, but moving is one of them...

Depending on what kind of evening Robin will have we might go and see U2 tonight. I´ll let you know tomorrow how the night turned out...


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