Need inspiration? Look no further...Part 1


Inspiration comes in various shapes and forms...
Yesterday, I found out that an old friend and collegue is quitting her job as a fitness manager. She and her hubby (they are both in their 40s) are moving to California! They sold their beautiful house during the holiday, packed their necessities and sold of what they don´t need. In the middle of October they are off to start a new life "over there"!
When I talked to her on the phone last night I asked her what their plans were. "To live our dream and see what life brings us", was her truly brilliant answer. Damn it, woman, MOJO salutes you! Truly INSPIRING.

Unfortunately I didn´t have the opportunity to join Jonathan (Monks)´s fab yoga classes over the last few days, but when we talked about training inspiration over dinner on Sunday night, he recommended the clip above (in Part 2). Watch it in AWE. It will definitely inspire my training over the next few months!

Someone who inspired me today was J, who drove across the city to lend me his Windows XP CD, which I blogged about yesterday. Thank you, J, I´m truly grateful!

Tomorrow I´m hoping to inspire a bunch of people as I teach yoga, spinning & kettlebell at Gymnasium... Come and join me if you are free!



Anonymous said...

Så lite så min vän, hoppas den funkade bara!
Den videon är GRYM, bloggade om den för ett tag sen inför en Army utb, tänkte vi skulle lägga in lite sånt.. ;) Jag vill oxå kunna!! :D

mojo said...

Nej, det var en jättestor och uppskattad tjänst! :)
Visst är det inspirerande?!
Ja, jag med! Hmmm...undrar om en "bars"-ställning får plats i vårt nya vardagsrum.... :)