• New CORE class - wicked playlist
  • The New BODYJAM release is FAST FEET... come AWAKE!! Wednesday 5pm
  • Thank GOD for the BODYBALANCE - The TAI CHI is perfect for the tight BJ calves!
  • MO - I think I'm in love with your Robin - Can't wait till he gets older so that he and I can chill in my sofa, watch Lion King and eat .... well perhaps he'll like popcorn:?
  • YOGA YOGA YOGA - Sportlife Yogis will rock this fall - after spending 4 hours with them last night - I'm telling you THEY ARE ON FIRE!
  • Packing - well it's only for 3 days this time and there might be someone picking me up with a home cooked meal waiting for me Sunday evening - Whoopa
  • Gotta admit - I think I am a ordinary lover - as in a lover of the ordinary! Growing up my brother always begged my mom for "ordinary" curtains, "ordinary" food etc. I LOVED the ODD stuff and I still do - but then what is EXOTIC to me is now IKEA, MEATBALLS, WATCHING FOOTBALL with POPCORN... well the list goes on!
  • What is your favourite thing to do during the weekend?



Clara said...

Det skulle vara jättekul om du delade med dig av dina core-klasser. Vad kör du för övningar?

Jo said...

Hej Clara!!
Ja - det ska jag absolut göra !!

Jag brukar lägga upp program på min hemsida www.jira.se

men ska göra det här oxå!

I Senaste nr av topphälsa får du oxå ett program för hela kroppen som jag brukar köra!

Varma Kramar Jo