Status Quo


Day 2 on the goat´s milk. Status quo on Robin´s stomach problems. I didn´t even leave the house all day today, since complete focus was set on the new routine (goat´s milk/plum juice/carrot juice) - and the reaction to the new routine.

Thankfully, Jo came over to see us in the afternoon. Jez, we haven´t seen each other for absolutely ages! It´s lucky we´ve got MOJO to help us keep updated about each other´s lives. :)

Thank you JO, for glamming up our day!

It was exactly what both R and I needed: some positive energy with a cool vibe coupled by beautiful hair and fab stories! We love you, JO.

Tomorrow sis+family come back from Crete. I will drool over her tan and dream about a week in Mallorca in September. Yes, we are going. My whole little family, for a week in the middle of next month. Can´t wait!



Magnus said...

Mallis- fy fasiken vad trevligt! Det gör ju lite ont i magen även för blogläsarna att läsa om lille Robins magont. Det kommer bli bättre- håll ut båda två!

Numera har jag en InCycle-kategori på bloggen. Det är dags att incyklonera hela nätet:)

kram M

mojo said...

Tack Magnus för din omtanke!

Vi ses imorgon, ska bli toppenkul!