Life as a toddler parent


Life as a toddler parent is all what I expected and so much more. The "much more"-bit is the one that you cannot prepare for, no matter how hard you try. It has to do with the turmoil of emotions and feelings that tumble through your body 24/7.

How a little person can have such an amazing impact on your life is...quite extraordinary.
It´s wonderful and amazing, but also very tiring and sometimes you do actually wonder why you didn´t appreciate some parts of your (previous) life a little bit more. Like the freedom of doing stuff when you want to do them. Go places you want to go to and just be...free to decide whatever.
(Now I find it even more hard to understand how some people can spend on average 3-4h per night just watching TV! If you don´t have any kids: get off your butt and DO stuff! When the little one has arrived, he or she deserves all the attention and there´ll be little or no time for improvisation..)

I still have moments when I think: "...ohh, and then I can do this or that, and...ooops, eh, that´s right, hmmm, I have someone else but myself that I need to look after..."

It´ll probably be about another year or so until it has sunk in properly, the fact that I am now somebody´s mum, considering I´ve had all this time (30yrs+) to only plan for myself and (sometimes) one other (adult) person.


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