What it is all about!!!

Back from Finland - THANK YOU for an amazing weekend!! And with YOU I mean the great participants and Finish Instructors! I know that you will ROCK the new releases!!

The weekend was intense - Always a bit nervous to teach NEW Choreography and material. Only 15min recovery between the modules and NO FOOD :(

So it was filled with BLISS that I leaned back in a car after arriving at the airport Sunday evening. (Isn't it one of the BEST things ever - when someone picks you up at the airport!!! Taxi drivers doesn't count!).

Not only did I get a private escort to the city - once in the City I fell a sleep on the sofa and 30min later dinner was served followed by one of my FAVOURITE movies!!

If you haven't seen the PEACEFUL WARRIOR yet - I really recommend it :)
That movie + the soundtrack from INTO THE WILD is my inspiration this week!!

"Where are you, Dan?"


"What time is it?"


"What are you?"

"This moment."

This week ALL my regular classes start - check the schedule on the right!

Will I see you at CORE 7am?

Sweet Dreams Beautiful



Johanna said...

Thanks to you too! ...my namesake btw :) I'm a member of the GoGo-club in Tampere, and I REALLY enjoyed your bodyjam class on saturday! You were sooo-ou great, so present and full of energy! ..okay..the new release was quite as nice too ;P

Hopefully there's going to be another chances to participate your classes..sometime..somewhere.. I'm such a fan from now on :))

Jo said...


Had a GREAT time in Tampere!

Hope to be back soon - maybe in December even!

Otherwise your are so welcome to come and dance/do yoga/train here in Gothenburg or check www.jira.se for retreats and workshops!

Hope to see u soon

Rock the JAM

From one Jo to another ;)