Living in a Box

Life in a box


On this, our last night before the move we decided to stay in a hotel and let the new tenant move in to our old apartment.
It´s quite an adventure staying in a hotel in your own city... I suggested the designer hotel, whilst P wanted the local, pittoresque family run one. When P pointed out the facts that A. Maybe the designer hotel wasn´t the most child-friendly and B. I hated the (non) service I had last time I visited the designer hotel´s restaurant, I was quite happy to go for his alternative.

So far, I can warmly recommend Hotel Lilton for anyone looking for a sweet, personal, centrally located room in Gothenburg...

EVERYTHING we own is now stored in the bedroom/come office in the old apartment. It means 40sqm filled with boxes, bin bags, suitcases, bags and more boxes... Chaos.

In 24h phase 1 will be over (thank God!) and the unpacking starts...

New place, HERE WE COME!


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susanita said...

du får sjunga den gamla 80-tals onehitwonder "living in a box" medan du packar flyttlasset mot nya lgh. ;)
Lycka till med flytten!