Ok, about 4 boxes left in the whole apartment...not bad.
P has been working on the bathroom all day. The new cupboard turned out to be more than a handful to put into place.
I´ve been with Robin most of the day except for about 2h when I went to Gymnasium for their kickoff. I managed to get in about 20min of Kettlebell training before the meeting. Everything counts (in this case even in small amounts...)
I stayed for the first half of the kickoff and left when the 2 new sponsors started to show their lines. (Not to be rude, but I´m with NIKE and P needed both hands to get the bathroom done).
I would have LOVED to run Midnattsloppet tonight, but it has to wait another year.

Gymnasium´s new shoe sponsor showing their different models. They do great running shoes, I´ve heard, but I´m not so sure about their other lines.

...and the new clothes sponsor. Again some nice looking clothes, but I´d miss the versatility.
What to wear outdoors? During Kettlebell-classes? Not to mention on the bike?

...then I HURRIED home to be with this STAR...
7 weeks +3 days today.



Maxomorra said...

He is sooo cute, and his eyes - wise and calm! Miss him!

Terese said...

Han är ju världens sötaste! Hör av dig när ni har vägarna förbi storstaden. Då får vi ta en fika :-)

mojo said...

miss you guys!
See you in October?

Tack härliga du!
Ringer när jag är på väg till storstaden! :)


susanita said...

Men hjälp vilken sötis, han är helt gudomlig.

åh, härligt att du är så igång med träningen. Jag längtar, ska bara få ok från läkaren först, förhoppningsvis är myomet "borta" så jag slipper operera bort det. Tills dess lätt styrketräning o promenader.

Skulle gärna köra en klass Kettlebell för dig.
Ta hand om er!