Two sides of a story


Which one of your "me"´s got to decide this morning?

I´m almost sure everyone would agree that we consist of at least two people (some would say more than two, but I leave that question to another thread). I call mine Performance & Lazy.
I think that people who train regularly are not mad, poisoned, lonely or missing out. I just think that one of their voices is more stubborn than the other, more loud and more demanding.
Lazy tells me: "Take the elevator! You don´t need the extra exercise!" And I take the elevator.
Lazy also tells me: "It will be much faster to go by car and you can save 7minutes!" And I take the car.
BUT...normally Performance wins!
Like this morning. Robin had his early feed at 7.00am-the sky outside was a light blue and there wasn´t a cloud anywhere (the luxury of living on the top floor).
Perfomance told me: "A perfect morning for a run! Imagine what it will feel like (afterwards)!"
Lazy screamed: "Are you freakin´mad??? You haven´t been out for an early morning run for years! You HATE mornings! It´s bloody 7 o´clock! Go back to bed! You suffer from sleep deprivation!"
Perfomance (in a cool voice): "You can just chill tonight instead of stressing out for a 30min run and remember, you are quite tired these days around 5 o´clock. Go on, get out, you will enjoy it. P doesn´t start work until 11.. Go now!"
And out I went.
It was lovely. It felt great, both during and afterwards.
Thank God, Perfomance is such a stubborn bastard.


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