1987 - Nike - Revolution

Two more days with IAM1 here in Sthlm!

I have learned so much. When I came here didn't even know what shoe model I was wearing (when my boss asked me - did you get the AIR FORCE 1? I had no idea which shoe she meant and asked if it was the pink one:)!!
Now I can see myself becoming a SNEAKERS ADDICT - travelling the world in quest for the old and unique models, drinking smashing milkshakes and chillin with my chips and dips!

Must also admit that NIKE is a cool cat - al the PR they do is SO SMART! It really feels like it is urban, street and very personal when it's actually a Multimillion Dollar Company.

Take the AD in 1987 for AIR MAX 1. Nike took the
"Revolution" song and added it to their video just like that. Without asking Beatles for permission. It was the first Beatles recording to be used in a TV commercial!

Of course this wasn't OK - Law suits all over the place and LOTS and LOTS of PR

The end result: AIR MAX 1 SOLD OUT - Became an ICON - NIKE + BEATLES got massive PR so Beatles dropped all charges and everyone lived happily ever after

See - You can get the fairytale ;)

Of to work now - IAM1 Exhibit + BLOCK Party + VICE Party - I work HARD ;)


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