A Global Yogini

Another day in paradise here on earth!
  • Madonna inspired training in the pilates studio (working on the routine that we did in London - loving it! Training that makes me feel TALL and SPACIOUS yet STRONG and ALERT, understand why M loves this workout!)
  • GREEN Drinks in the sun on the city's one and only (in my opinion) terrace with handsome company
  • Italian dinner with ice cold Chardonnay (we think - hard to tell when you just brushed your teeth!), in the SUN (yes it was a SUNNY day in GBG)
  • Pre Madonna party with Warner (admitting that I!! could have done a better job as a DJ but aside from that - SWELL)

  • +ve AMAZING YOGINI!! There aren't manny FEMALE FIERCE Role models out there (in my opinion) but this MOMA inspiers me! She's straight up, no fuzzying around - "Do it or not but don't waste my time about it" attitude.
  • +ve LYRICS!! Wow - Gandhi, Rumi, Tolle, I mean your all great but listen to this:
  • I'm gonna avoid the cliché
    I'm gonna suspend my senses
    I'm gonna delay my pleasure
    I'm gonna close my body now
  • +ve GOOD TASTE - Hot Dancers, Hot Stage, Hot Costumes, Hot Hot Hot
  • -ve THE CROWD: There were NO FEELING if you ask me... C'mon Sweden, don't be such a stiff upperlip - life is what goes on as you keep on making plans!

  • -ve Too many songs that I didn't recognize (guesse it's my bad) but it keept me from jumping to the stars
  • +ve Have to ad a HIGH to that last one - Haha Funny, but the songs that I didn't like yeasterday are my FAVOURITES Today:
    It's like over and over you're pushing me
Right down to the floor
I should just walk away.
Over and over I keep on coming back for more
I play into your fantasy

Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do

After M we went to Push! Let me blame it on the long walk there, on the girls that had to go and change their shoes (took 4ever), the waiting for people here and there (I am NOT a group person I guesse, I LOVE doing what I want, when I want and am not used to travell in big groups), the CROWDED night club, the fact that it is soo hard to flirt when you hang with 6 MALE FRIENDS (have to stop doing that - they get layed I don't!).

Overall a GOOD Night but if we were to put DAY and NIGHT in a boxingring - DAYTIME WON THE GAME by far!

Excited to hear what MO thinks about M's performance tonight! Miss my MO Soo much, haven't seen her and Robin in AGES - that will have to change next week!


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