Getting BACK...

...on TRACK!

After landing in my apt late Saturday night - waking up Sunday in a pile of SHOES, clothes, clothes more clothes, books, recites, to do lists, laundry and the list goes on and on (there was everything except food in my apt!) - I kinda panicked - looking into my calender realizing that I booked myself up to my ears with work until Christmas Eve.

You know when there is just TO MUCH - I freeze and tend to focus on the small unimportant stuff. - Why is that?

Thank GOD Mom called (cause I would never call someone and complain or ask for help, silly - YES!) - and sorted me out as I was about to go deep deep into my drawers and start sorting out papers from 2005!!!!

Her FENG SHUI coaching got me back on my feet and 1 hour later I could see the floor and even dance on it :)

This morning was dedicated to BODYBALANCE 46 and soon I'm off to break a sweat with BODYJAM 50 - Let me tell you IT ROCKS! This beautiful song is actually in both programs - but the choreography differs slightly ;)

Wednesday I am teaching the NEW BODYJAM Release at Sportlife Exclusive 4-5pm followed by a YOGA WORKSHOP!

Then Friday of to FINLAND to spread the 90ties HIP HOP love mixed with some U2 MAGNIFICENT hip openings!

Right now - I can see clearly :)


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