On the train to Sthlm - did you know that they serve breakfast on the train :)

I am travelling with my bag containing not 1, not 3, not 5 but 10!!!! NEW pair of NIKE's


How's that for GLOBAL WARMING hahah

Oh well - sometimes you gotta JUST DO IT - at least I'm taking the train instead of flying :)

Other stuff that always travel with me are:

  • NETTIPOT + ORGANIC SEA SALT (Sthlm is a dirty dirty city, gotta take care of your organs!)
  • SPIKMATTA - Translation... NAILMAT?
  • EYE MASK - Those who have sleept with me know why!!!
  • IPOD (since my IPhone is gone gone gone and the new one is.... well taking it's time :( )
  • NIMUNE - Best skincare products
  • RUNNING SHOES (so yes I actually travell with 13 pair of shoes this time...) MIDNATTSLOPPET here I come!

My missions the coming days:

  • Try to meet my Sthlm friends that I don't get to see that often
  • BIKRAM YOGA - at least 8 classes
  • Run so that I beat my NIKE colleague in our Challenge on Nike+ (hope he has a lazy week!)
  • Learn all there is to know about AIR MAX and pass it on to the Swedish population
Hope to see you on SÖDER in my new AIR MAX MUSEUM :)

The IAM1 Journey
15th August - 23rd August
Studio, Åsogatan 115
Open Monday – Friday 12-7pm
Open Saturday – Sunday 12-5pm
Free Entrance


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p3te* said...

While your falling in love with all your new pair of shoes and the thought of running in the fresh air, you should check out this article from WIRED magazine on why NIKE+ works in motivating people to get out there on their feet.

Wired Magazine explains success of Nike Plus

Have fun!