What do you WANT?


What do you WANT?

It´s hard to keep focus amongst all the beautiful material things that we are surrounded by in this world...the fame, the fortune, the cars, the houses, the clothes, the holidays, the status, the chase of...happiness? Love?

Something´s in the air. I´m watching some of my closest friends go through the biggest changes and transformations in their lives at the moment and it has made me realize a couple of things:

I know the cliché: "No one else can make you happy, you have to make yourself happy" and I can agree with that to a certain extent, but my little family makes me so incredibly happy, that it is also true that other people can bring you happiness.

Finding a good relationship is HARD, not to say immensely difficult. How do you get the pieces to fit together, not to mention STAY together? When do you blow the whistle and get out? When do you know you have tried everything you can to save a broken liaison and when is it just self deprivating to even stay another day?

That is why, in this hour, I am undescribably grateful for having found what I want: to love and to be loved... That is what really matters.



susanita said...

så sant som det är sagt. O du är värd all kärlek. Ha en skön dag!

mojo said...

Tack detsamma!
Hoppas ni har det bra!