Cool People Do Cool Shoes


And we are off - what a great start!

In the exhibition we have a NIKEID space where we invite artists/celebs to make their OWN UNIQUE NIKE shoe - this is where I spend most of my time.
Yeasterday Erika Vallin (Elle), Fredrik Strage, Adam Tensta, Daniel Lindstrom (Café), Li Svärd (Veckorevyn), Nisse Edwell, Pelle Porseryd and Anton Glanzlius made their shoes :) They have about 1 hour to design it - and they ALL turned out very different :)

Adam designed a really cool Air Max Classic - old school style

Daniel choose the NEW LUNAR RACER and designed a tight navy/vivid pink running shoe

The STUDIO is now open for everyone to come and see, create, chill out, charge!

Worked 12h non stop yesterday....phuu... BUT the result is smashing!

The plan today was BIKRAM yoga here at Söder but woke up and felt like the guys in THE HANGOVER ... hmm - didn't even drink 2 glasses of wine last night?!

That + the memory of Thursdays HOT HOT HOT bikram (Yes - it was MUCH warmer than normal, in my mind at least!) + me staying in bed for to long having to choose between EITHER Bikram or Breakfast - the choice this morning was apparent!

Of to the Studio now - Sun is shining into the 7th floor on Clarion - I just talked to one the coolest, nicest, qts, musicians/artists that I know - and he's coming to the studio to design a shoe next week - UNREAL!

Today I am expecting: CaliRoots peps, Adiamo Dymott, Paul Haukka, Jacob Öqvist amongst others!


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p3te* said...

...and who said that work couldn't be fun too!?!

Sounds like your having a great time.