Sometimes you gotta go with the flow :)

I had ONE day at home and it felt weird. When you're used to being on a schedule with set times and places to be at it is hard to just drop down into spontaneity!

I mean HARD is GOOD - as long as it doesn't make you TIGHT ;)

So that is why I now hang in the smooth feeling of having a balanced, fun, Scandinavian month ahead of me :)

It is gonna be a month of JIRA work layered with this (imagine a pancake cake - pancake/cream/jam/pancake/cream/jam.... )



My bro is moving to Halmstad :)
A couple of days in the mansion chillin in the country side
Before heading back to the city ;)

M is in GBG - I was supposed to be working in LA but now that I am here - this ICON is NOT TO be missed! Neither is the AFTER PARTY ;)

10 days in Sthlm + 1 day in Amsterdam to prepare for THE EXHIBITION of the year :)

Seen this SHOE before?
A FAN of it?
Wanna make your own EXCLUSIVE ONE?
Let me know and I'll help you :)

Whilst in Sthlm - working with my love JUST DO IT - it would be a big SHAME not to participate in the MIDNATTSLOPPET!!

But I haven't quiet figured out how to fit n these DUDES on the same night...
Possible you think?

Once back from Sthlm HELSINKI awaits me!
Long time no seen my loved ones
Teaching the HOT SMOKING NEW LES MILLS releases

with mean machine PETTER ERHWALL as my teammate
Domed to be a GREAT finish to a HOT TAMALE month like August

What do you think?



NEA said...

Ska Petter köra Jam & Balance?! Hade ingen aning om att han hade dessa kunskaper i bakfickan. Nyfiken på BB 46. Hur underbar är den på en skala? =)


mojo said...


Nja - vi får väl se ;)

Men BP och BC hoppas vi att han fortf har koll på!

Underbar relase med mycket flöde! Kommer du upp till SS?

Varma Kramar Jo

NEA said...

Jadå, SS blir det! =)

Kommer definitivt på din och Daves klass.

Ha det gott i solen!