Speedy Gonzales


I do EVERYTHING much faster these days:

* Shower - 3 min
* Running - everything over and above 30min is now Long Distance
* Write e-mails - hardly any pleasantries, just right on to the subject.
* Talk on the phone - see previous point.
* Fika/Lunch - gone are the long fikas and lunches. 40min max. Breastfeeding in public just ain´t my bag. I will do it if I have to and I have no problems at all with other mums getting on with it. Me? I just don´t like it.
* Driving home from the gym (alone in the car) - ehh, this one is hard. I wasn´t really what you would call a slow driver before...And now? Let´s just say that it´s (still) lucky I don´t have a sportscar...

Having a 1 1/2 month old baby in the house means that there is certainly no time for hanging about.
Who on earth made up the word "mammaLEDIGHET" ("mum´s holiday" = maternity leave in Swedish)???
OBVIOUSLY NOT anyone with children of their own!



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susanita said...

ha,ha,ha, åh, vad det känns igen.
Jag har nog aldrig varit så snabb i duschen som nu.
För att inte prata om hur effektiv jag är i mataffären, gör t.o.m. listan, ha,ha.