I´m tired of using technology


First night back, teaching my regular classes. Boy, did that feel great?! 30min spin & 30min kettlebell. Time FLEW past. Fabulous to see my regulars and wonderful to sweat it out together. Didn´t realize just how much I had missed it! It´s soooo good to be back!
(Looking forward to Wednesday when I teach yoga in the morning and 60min of spinning followed by 45min kettlebell in the evening.)

Went to the Bostadsrättsföreningens-board meeting tonight. I excused myself after about 1h when Robin was completely bored and started moaning loudly.

The rest of the night has been spent FIGHTING technology. a) Bredbandsbolaget-who completely buggered our plans for fast broadband when they told us there was something wrong with the telephone wiring (ADSL) in our apartment - so we had to go with Comhem (24MB) - tonight I found out that all the apartments in our house are prepared for 100MB fiber optic broadband (which has nothing to do with the telephone wiring!) from, wait for it:...Bredbandsbolaget! When I call customer service, I get a lazy, uninterested young male on the phone. I´m going to kick up a stink...b) my home computer, which is: 1. OLD. 2. Tempramental. 3. I could not find my Windows XP CD anywhere, so when Windows decided to crash - nothing worked...

Anyone living in Gothenburg with a Windows XP CD lying around the house? Can I borrow it tomorrow? I´ll come and get it!...and I promise to return it in mint condition! Call, email, sms me, please!
This weekend I HAVE to buy a new server, but I need windows to work to be able to save all my stuff! (or do I? I am sooo computer illiterate sometimes....help!)
I also found out that one of my external hard drives got damaged in the move (the move from hell remember...) and that´s where I kept my back up....hmmm...I can feel a technological drawing to a close....



Jennie said...

Va, e det sant! yoga imorgon. Om en febrig Fabian blir frisk så kommer jag!

mojo said...

Åh,hoppas han mår bättre imorgon, så ses vi kl.9! :)


Helena said...

Härligt att du är tillbaka, vilken känsla! :) Ses vi på Super Saturday?

mojo said...

UNDERBART, verkligen!
Nej, tyvärr. Jag har utbildning den helgen. Ha det fantastiskt kul! :)