Suga Suga


What makes people compatible? Is it our likeness or our differences? What determines a life long relationship, whether that is a friendship or a partnership? I think it is a little bit of both. To say that "lika barn leka bäst" (likeness is the answer) or "differences attract" is only one part of the story.
My closest relationships certainly builds on both. A bunch of my absolutely closest friends and my partner all work with training, fitness and health.. but some of the people I see most regularly (who are family or like family to me) hardly train at all...

That´s why I find it highly amusing that my sister/her hubby + friends opened their third sweet shop: Sweets´n´chocolate in Olskroken today together with close friends. Candy heaven for those who are in that way inclined - not to be missed by "smågodis-fans"! :)



Helena said...

Åh - hälsa henne grattis och lycka till från mig! :D

mojo said...

Will do! :)