Messy! Not as in Messi Football though ...

Can be so hard to stay in sometimes!

I'm going to share my current situation with you friends :)

I am about to MOVE!
Yeah - you might think - me to, but then have in mind I HATE MOVING!
1 - I like to think of myself as a person with almost NO THINGS, just the necessary.... - Well, it is hard to see the TRUTH and confront it...

2 - I like things PERFECT! And it is hard to make things PERFECT - well not if you have AL THE TIME in the world - Which I do have if I would like to, but I don't! I want to get it done ASAP!!!
Still haven't learned that short cuts can me smorecuts....

At the moment we have a NEW apartment, BUT it is not signed - and the owners wants us to move in on the 15th of June.... well right there you can see the problem!

Trying to communicate with the previous owner, the landlord, the NORDSJÖ store, the flyttfirma, my mate, and ME the yogi in the middle of all this whilst running JIRA is a LOT!

When to move, today, tomorrow, can we buy the paint, or NO what if we won't get the place, they might change their minds, at the same time they want us to move yesterday...


So there you go - I guess one of my least appealing skills is that I build castles in the sky with HUGH expectations!

+ I've been SAMBO once before, we are GREAT friends today - BUT that move at that point in my life meant ME doing most of the things since he moved to another country in the middle of it all and part of me is SHIT scared that that will happen again (not the moving part but the ME doing it al) and I don't want a relationship like that! i want to be able to let it al go and lean on my partner every now and then!

The good thing is that I CAN do this - he is amazing, guess it is just me having to let go in order to lean back...

Life !!!

This inspires me today:

Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.



p3te* said...

When you move from a small apartment to a big one, you'll realize again how few things you actually have when you see all that empty space.

However, having a bigger wardrobe doesnt give you an automatic license to go out and buy more clothes!

A note on room layouts. Guys always start with where they're going to put the TV, and everything else goes from there...I hope this doesnt cause arguments!

Happy Moving :)

mojo said...

Hahahah PETE - You have soo much knowledge :)

Actually the TV already came up but at the moment it's sorted out and we are both satisfied, but hey who knows what will work in reality ;)

So THE CLOTHES - Guess I have to have a JIRA SALE then....

Thanks for the great advice