News for autumn/winter 2010-11

YES, JoJo knows me too well!
Skinny yogis really doesn´t do it for me... ;)

Busy day today starting with PT-yoga in the morning (me teaching) followed by a yoga class at 9am (me teaching), PT-lifting session (me doing) with press-focus (ouch!) at 11am and then running around doing errands until my 3pm meeting with my accountant.
17.30 I taught my spinning class and then I coached a coaching session at 18.45...

Setting the new horizons for autumn/winter 2010-11.

It´s starting to come together with a few new cool projects:

* From September I will take on 10 private clients in the city.
I´ll happily train the truly dedicated men and women out there who are ready to put in the effort to have results, whether that is a more muscular body, a stronger body, a faster body, a healthier body, a more powerful body, a more flexible body, a slimmer body - with a wicked mind to go with it.
Nordic walkers need not to apply...
Anyone else can e-mail any questions/queries to monika@incycle.se

* From September (I´m hoping) I´ll have a business mentor!
Finally I´ve found her and she is AMAZING. We are meeting up in September to discuss a possible mentorship and I am SO EXCITED!

* I´m bringing Kettlebell grouptraining to Russia and one more Eastern European country (to be announced once it´s in the bag).
Weird and wicked!

* My own new training thing for the autumn will be Bulgarian Bag- and rope training. I promise to keep you posted...
By the way: training goals revisited together with Martin today....

By Christmas I´ll do:
* 10 strict pull-ups
* Pressing the 20kg KB
* 1 pistol squat (with the weight of choice)


soffan said...

Du har lite att göra kan man säga :) ...?

mojo said...

...lite grand, kan man säga...
...ja, förutom Hot MOJO och MOJO Yoga som börjar rulla på...och utbildningar....och, ja, hmmmm....det var väl 72h på ett dygn? :)

Hoppas du mår strålande!


soffan said...

Tack, jag MÅR strålande :) . Är det spikat att du ska komma till Fitness24seven någon gång i aug/sept och ha cykelutbildning? I så fall ska jag SJÄLVKLART vara med! (Hoppas hoppas...)

You make loving fun said...

OMG! Now that's a busy girl. Tur att det är ditt jobb liksom.

mojo said...

Soffan: Ingenting är bokat ännu och det börjar bli lite fullt i min agenda...men, du har väl sett den fantastiska spinningdagen med Magnus & Mattias den 11 september??? Mer info på www.incycle.se

Anna: Visst är det??? Så härligt!