Almost holiday...

...almost, because I still have a few meetings and about 4 more days of admin work to get through before the REAL holiday begins...
But, I did teach my last classes for this term today!
WHOHA, a great gang joined me in the crazy interval class that we rode in Sisjön tonight. Not to mention my yoga regulars who sweated it out on the mat at 9am this morning.

I did presses, chins and technique work with Martin today. I sucked. I slept badly last night and my back was completely out of line. Excuses, excuses. Important thing: I was not as strong as I would have wanted.

Well, well. Had a superinteresting meeting at 1pm. The fruit of this meeting will be seen on September 12.... :) OHHHHHH. Exciting!

Tomorrow I will welcome not one, but two new faces to the InCycle Crew! Stay tuned....

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