The Exhibition - PLACES


There's something about the air, the nature, the earth that makes me feel at HOME, at ease and very very PRESENT here :)

Mom has been painting for the last ..... weeks and every time we've talked on the phone it's been something like:
Mom: - I will NEVER EVER EVER PAINT another painting ever in my life again. After this exhibition I am DONE with it!!!


I understand her - There is a "dreamy/romantic" picture over being an ARTIST, and just creating. But I know and so does mom, and probably you other creative artists out there that it can be a living HELL at times :)

Anyway - I got to see the paintings last night and WOW - I want to own every single one of them! I am SO PROUD over her - she is an AMAZING artist and I can feel all the life/energy/tears/joy/effort/hardwork/presence that she has put in those canvases!

Of to hang it now - come join us at KARIBAKKA 12/6-24/6

PLACES 12/06 – 24/06

Utställningen PLACES är en serie målningar i akryl som illustrerar inre och yttre platser för människan. I mitt arbete som inredningsarkitekt är färgen det viktigaste instrumentet vilket också präglar mitt måleri.


Utanför Lund på landet i Annelöv driver jag eget företag som inredningsarkitekt, FengShui konsult, föredragshållare och utbildare.


Prislista vid förfrågan

1. New York Fall

2. MuMonKan (Muren utan port)

3. Pir

4. Berlin

5. Unknown 2

6. Avtryck

7. Unknown 1

8. Varanasi Waters

9. Unknown 3

10. Mu (Urban MuMonKan)

11. Din andra hälft


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