There is à certain way you should be doing it.

That's just the way it is here in Sweden, one of the most modern and fair countries in the world, right!

I do love this place here on earth :)

And I do love traditions! (yep, I'm one of those!)

Waking up in the new appartment, still full of boxes and no idea of where my things are, but hey - that's the charm - some say ;) As I headed out to meet Mo for a coffe I was struck by the ghost feeling in the city, EMPTY! You could even hear the wind blow through the empty buildings...

At the moment I don't mind.
Being here
I do miss NYC 2day, don't ask me why.

I do miss my little family, I wish they were closer, like around the corner...

It is a beautiful day - no matter what, weather or not, inside, out!

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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