Vanity gone wrong


I love skin products. Even if I have the most incredibly sensitive skin.
I have learned with time that the more a product smells, the less likely I am to be able to wear it.

Also, products that gives "medical results" equals death for my face.
Last time I visited the beautician, we almost had a row. She wanted me to book an appointment for an acid treatment (to "treat" some dark pigmentation that I aquired during pregnancy).
I said no. She said "You should". I said no way. She said it was "necessary". I said NEVER - in a raised voice. She looked perplexed. And then went: "Let´s not argue about it".
I nodded and we dropped the subject.

I´ve tried AHA-acid once before.
It made my face look like I was carrying second degree burns.
I´d rather live with some extra freckles and dark spots any day.

2 products that went in and out of my bathroom cupboard faster than you can say "lotion".
Origins Ginger with a twist: smells gorgeous - gave me a full on rash.
Priori´s facial cleaner: I might as well have used kaustic soda on my face.
Actually no, kaustic soda would probably have been more gentle.

- Blinged from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

Hej tjejen!
Ser att du har samma utmaning som jag. Har du hittat något bra märke som fungerar (OCH luktar gott)?
Undrar Catrin

mojo said...

Hej Catrin!
Det som funkar bäst för mig är Decléors produkter. De innehåller väldigt lite parfym och är väldigt "snälla" mot min hud...

Dagkräm - Vitaroma
(Neroliolja under dagkrämen.)

Body lotion - Aroma Systeme Corps Body Milk (en "can´t live without-produkt")

Aroma Sun Expert anti-wrinkle SPF 30 - i ansiktet för soliga dagar.

Purité Exfoliante - Ansiktspeeling

Hydra Floral - ansiktsmask

Cleansing milk - rengöring

Lotion tonifiante - ansiktsvatten

Min syster, som har ÄNNU känsligare hud än min, använder bara deras Aroma night-serie, både dag som natt.

Dermanords produkter funkar också bra, men jag återvänder gång på gång till Decléor.

OJ, vilket långt svar det blev! :)


Anonymous said...

Tack snälla du! Time to go shopping! Ha en underbar kväll! /C

mojo said...

Ahhhh, glad att vara till hjälp!
Ha en uuunderbar kväll, du med!