If I lived in Stockholm...

...I would train here, 3 times a week.

After an absolutely fabulous girlie day together with the 2 whirlwinds that are Jessica & Helena (thank you both for gorgeous company, where the time just FLEW!!!), I set my sights to Odenplan and my first visit to Crossfit Nordic.

Loved it.

Didn't make a complete 'idieet' (said with Scottish accent) of myself, thank God, and finished the WOD in 9.33. Which is not impressive in any way, but at least I didn't throw up in a bucket afterwards...

I have met the star trainers (and owners of CFN) Rickard and Erik at various functional training educations, and I have the highest respect for these guys. They are knowledgable, humble, walk the talk AND they are genuinely nice people.
Well done guys, I'm truly happy for you (and the training scene in Sweden!) that you made the club happen!

Workout of the Day (WOD)
Rickard Walén doing his serious pose... :)
Love these T-shirts!
The place
After... Looking good!
Ellinor - a lovely superwoman who works as a PT at Sturebadet
The crew who survived Thursday 17 June
Erik Eliasson & Rickard Walén - you rock guys!
Sweaty and happy
- Liveblinged from Crossfit Nordic


You make loving fun said...

Du är så grym Monika. Nästa gång du är i stockholm då kör vi ihop! Och så får du komma förbi polestudion på någon av mina lektioner.

Funderar lite på att ta en trip till Göteborg någon gång under sommaren, då får vi se till att sammanstråla. Är uppe i 3 och 3/4 chins just nu, siktar på sex i slutet av sommaren. Hur går det hos dig?

Hoppas du får en toppenhelg och att vi ses snart igen.


mojo said...

Tack, Anna! :)
Nästa gång kör vi tillsammans!

5 chins och står still... Satsar mot 7 i september...

Vi hörs angående sommaren,