ROBYN and her Drummer ROCKS MY WORLD

I LOVE Robyn's new album :)
And I LOVE my friend Mr P - THE DRUMMER on it :)
We travel d India together (or part of it) and had soo much FUN! And then we did a yoga gig - which he totally rocked! And we are dreaming about doing it again - should we invite miss R this time u think :?

Just like Mo - I'm soon of to El Sthlmo to play with the NIKE crew - I know it is gonna be a BLAST of ENERGY, and COLOUR :)

But right here right now THIS DAY is the focus and it consists of:

Buying liters and liters of PAINT
HOT YOGA 90min :) Yum
Perhaps some imaginary painting - or at least planning with my soon to be sambo :)

What ROCKS your Thursday :?
Do you have a good balance between ideas/plans :?


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