Competition Time



Here goes: MOJO Competition Time! And do we have some fantastic prizes for you - especially if you are an iPhone addict like me and JO...

3rd Prize:

2nd Prize:

...and the GRAND 1st Prize (of which there are 2 in Sweden at this moment...):

And for any Runners-up, who don´t own an iPhone, I have this incredible blingbling phone strap:

Now, HOW can these incredible items be YOURS?

The only thing you need to do, is to answer these questions:

1. In which Nordic country was MOJO born?

2. How tall is P? - in centimeters, please?

3. Which country is MOJO travelling to on a Wellness holiday, October 4-11 this year?

4. What would you like to read about more often on MOJO?

Send your answers as a comment to this post before noon, Thursday 1 July.
The winners will be published here on the blog on Friday 2 July.

Ps. Oh, yes, you are of course allowed to email me your answers as well, if you don´t want to give anything away to the competitors... ;)

Remember, participating is nothing - winning is everything!

Let the best (wo)man WIN!


Helena said...

Oh yes - jag vill vinna! :D Ett mail med svaren är på väg...

Jennie said...

Jag mitt mail har du fått. Väntar med spänning...