I´ve found myself wondering several times over the last 11 months what I did with my training A.M (Anno Motherhood).
The time of your life when you have no one else to look after but yourself.
You have time in the morning.
You have time at lunch.
You have zillion of hours in the evening.
Sometimes you have full DAYS.
The difference is ginormous when you become a parent.

If I want to do morning training I have to wip myself out of bed before 7am to get a session in before P gets to work.
If I want to train at lunchtime I have 2 choices: go running with the buggy or wait for Robin to fall asleep and get a kettlebell session in.
If I want to train in the evening, it´s on borrowed family time. P doesn´t mind, but I try not to do too much evening training, since
I´m still travelling a lot at the weekends.

So, how to stay fit and how to stay on top being a toddler mum???
My runs have become shorter (but faster).
My gym sessions have become more focused and more structured.
I´ve stopped trying to do everything with the same priority. Now, each term will get its own special focus. I still crosstrain, but I allow myself to focus on fewer things.
I´d planned to do more of a yoga focus during the second half of the year, but I´m still heavily in love with lifting, so we´ll see...

The absolute guru of Olympic Weightlifting, Greg Everett is coming to Copenhagen in August and I would LOVE to do his course. It´s sold out at the moment (not surprised), and I´m booked for work in Stockholm during the same dates...
However, if this love of lifting lasts, I´ll make sure to bring P with me to visit his facility next time we´re in the States.

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