Morfin & Bricanyl


I was given a strong cocktail of Morfin and Bricanyl to help my body recover after 12h of food poisoning AND contractions...

After months of waiting the big day had finally arrived. The BIRTH.

I remember the heat wave we had in Gothenburg that week.
I had already been plunging into the Swedish sea on more occasions than I could recall - and I´m normally one of those people who don´t bathe unless it´s +25 degrees - in the water.

I looked very much like a stranded whale in the end. +24kg on my small frame. I hated it.

This photograph is taken 1 week(!) before delivery, can you believe it???

On the day of the delivery, just hours before the big occasion, I looked like this:

Varberg 2009-07-01
Ohhh, the face of a fed up woman!
Tomorrow I´m the mother of a 1-year old son. Where did time go???
Time flies and the love just gets stronger. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Robin! I've loved seeing him grow this past year...you're right; time DOES fly!

Teres P

mojo said...

Thank you so much Teres!
Hope you and the family are all good?

Lots of love