Sweinglish Warning...

It's a Beautiful Day :)

Last night I went from living by myself to SAMBO :)

I DO HATE MOVING! I become APATISK! - I HATE to see how much junk and material things we humans collect (or most of us at least).
But after som sweet dinner in the sun I got my MOJO going and we completed the move before 1130pm!
At the moment it is ME, my MAN, all of his stuff, all of my stuff and 34sqm :)

Might sound romantic in theory, but the good thing is that it's only like this for another couple of weeks... Jippie :)
(Jippie not for the 2 weeks but for the NEW CASTLE IN THE SKY coming up after that :)

Went for a morning run - Man was that SWEET! unlike Mo I'm in a zone where I have no URGE to workout or lift anything heavy whatsovere unless it involves moving to the castle or winning a tennis game ;)

Sometimes I do try to kick my ass to a class or to the gym but honestly right now - NOPE - No MOJO there and I am starting to more and more be OK with that! I have been training and working out al my life - and perhaps this is my body telling me to chill - do something else for a change :)

And I DO KNOW that I will be back in the game - as soon as I allow my body intelligence to be heard, at ALL times !!!

Of to teach now and then a train ride with MR Flow to Sthlm where I am meeting the NIKE GLOBAL TRES Importante people for an interview :)

Then dinner and cocktails with lovely lady lovellylocks + Sthlm by NIGHT :) Loong time ago!
Saturday - Sunshine Shooping, Sleep in, HotelBrunch :)
Sunday - This COOL event where I am helping you make your own NIKE iD's :)

Come play with us!

Have a lovely weekend, and remember to ...

;) Jo

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p3te* said...

moving apartment is a great chance to get rid of all the things you no longer need in your life, and you should take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity :)

Live light and live free!