England-Germany whoppa

Sunday bloody Sunday!
At least if you ask the British followers this very minute...

Germany - England 2-1 after 37min and then Eng 2nd goal gets missed by the judge...


I'm not a big football fan at al, my boo is, I can look at it an think, gosh this is funny stuff, grown up men running after 1 ball, and loads of money surrounding them. But hey, if you really start to look at anything in this world it becomes rather stupid and weird!

Except LOVE that is ;) right!

Midsummer turned out wonderful with lots of love and hOMe feelings :)

Saturday consisted of painting, unpacking, a trip to the coast to listen to live music in the sunset - lovelly!

Then out of the blue bro came to the city, he craved RAMEN and couldn't find it in Halmstad :)

Breakfast in the clouds this sunny morning before a tripp to IKEA - I love this place :) and more over I love being there with A, he's even better at it than me, I've really found my match :)

Perhaps I'll chill in the sun now with ELLE magazine and some cider :)
After al it is vacation :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


p3te* said...

Yes we were definitely robbed with that 2nd goal, but for the rest of the game we were outplayed so deserved to lose.

...So are you really using the latest iMac as you TV?

I'm surprised you like shopping at Ikea
? i personally hate it because it's almost impossible to go there without either...

a) leaving within 1 hour
b) leaving without buying a whole bunch of stuff you didnt intend too

glad you had a great midsummer :)

mojo said...

Pete :)
How's the summer rolling?
And the Yoga?

Well, I feel at HOME at IKEA :) Hahah used to be there with MOM every weekend :)

And YEP! At the moment my IMAC ruels :) when it comes to everything :)

Lots of sunny love to you


p3te* said...

I'm keeping the faith with my regular yoga classes at "The 'Badet"...It's always great to try different teachers and there's always something new to learn.

I'm still having trouble with my knee since the Varvet, but I'm hoping my new super-cushioned running shoes that arrived today will help...Then it's 2 weeks of hard driving and hiking through the fjords of Norway in mid July.

It's going to be great summer.

Can't wait to check out your new yoga-space in August!