Old and (not so) WISE?


I´m right there with JO: WTF?!

It´s 2010 and the world´s largest sport hasn´t learned how to use technology when in doubt? (Or rather: when 5 people have decided to go: "Ohhhhhh, I´ve seen nothing, done nothing, understand nothing"...)

You could go CRAZY for less!

I feel for England and anyone supporting their team tonight, I really do.

ANYWAY, tomorrow is being spent working on admin stuff, having some meetings and then, at lunch time, on the most hot and gorgeous day of the year: pulling a tooth out.
A tooth of wisdom at the top left corner of my mouth.

By the way, come back to MOJO tomorrow, because if all goes well, you can win some cool stuff here on the blogg - especially if you´re an iPhone owner! Say no more....


soffan said...

Brrr, inte roligt att gå till tandläkaren, lycka till eller vad man nu säger i sådana lägen...? :)

mojo said...

TACK, det behövs!