InCycle Crew meeting

Had a lovely meeting this morning with the Incycle spinning crew, Magnus Gårdmark & Linda Jonsson.
We talked about the past term and the coming months.
I aired an idea I´ve brewed for a little while and Magnus & Linda were all go!
Also, the Incycle family might grow in numbers very, very soon.
And no, neither Linda nor I are pregnant...

Linda and I just happened to be perfectly colour co-ordinated...
Magnus got excused from wearing purple.
Instead he went for the extremely fashionable striped sock and of course, the SWOOSH - which he rocked!

Not my colour (it looks blue in the picture, but it´s acutally more lilac), not my material, not very good when you are desperately wanting a pee,
but, I love it!
Sexy, soft and comfortable - from the NIKE Holiday collection...

- Blingblinged from my iPhone


Magnus said...

Tack för kaffe och för fab sällskap:) kram!

mojo said...

TACK själv!
Hoppas du hittade Sir Väs i vattnet!
(Sorry, kunde inte låta bli...) :)


Magnus said...

Haha.. det bor ju en liten nerd även i dig. I like:)